Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Prep 2 - Unit 11 - Lesson 5

ملاحظات هامة

* أي خطأ في الكتابة ستعتبر الإجابة خاطئة
* الإجابة المطلوبة هي الإجابة النموذجية، فالإجابات المختصرة تعتبر خاطئة
* استخدام زر المساعدة ينقصك نصف الدرجة
* كثرة المحاولات الخاطئة واستخدام زر التلميح ينقص من درجاتك حسب عدد المحاولات
* يمكنك دائما إعادة الإختبار من البداية بالضغط على مفتاح F5 أعلى لوحة المفاتيح

يمكنك الإستعانة بلوحة الرموز الموجودة في الأسفل عند الحاجة
1) Replace the red words with these words which have a similar meaning
( achieve - memorising - nervous - revise - rhymes )
1 If you study hard before an exam, you’ll get the best results.
2 You should review all you have learned a few months before an exam.
3 Do you feel a little frightened before an exam?
4 Ali is very good at remembering people’s phone numbers.
5 You can invent poems to help you remember important facts.

2) Choose the correct words
1 You should / shouldn’t stay in the sun too long without a sunhat.
2 On a bus, you should / shouldn’t give your seat to a person who needs it.
3 You should / shouldn’t pack your school bag before you go to bed at night.
4 When children speak to adults, they should / shouldn’t say Mr, Mrs or Miss and their name.
5 Water is very important. We should / shouldn’t waste it.

3) Complete the sentences with these words
( achievement - Congratulations - excellent - Well )
1 done! You came first in the competition.
2 ! You achieved the best results in the class!
3 You passed all the exams! That’s a great .
4 I really liked your story. You’re an writer

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