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Prep 3 - Unit 10 - Lesson 4 wb

Unit 10 - Lesson 4 - WB

Unit 10 - Lesson 4 - WB

ملاحظات هامة

* أي خطأ في الكتابة ستعتبر الإجابة خاطئة
* الإجابة المطلوبة هي الإجابة النموذجية، فالإجابات المختصرة تعتبر خاطئة
* استخدام زر المساعدة ينقصك نصف الدرجة
* كثرة المحاولات الخاطئة واستخدام زر التلميح ينقص من درجاتك حسب عدد المحاولات
* يمكنك دائما إعادة الإختبار من البداية بالضغط على مفتاح F5 أعلى لوحة المفاتيح

يمكنك الإستعانة بلوحة الرموز الموجودة في الأسفل عند الحاجة
1 Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d
1 Mayar’s cousin is going to live in Cairo so she has bought a/an ticket.
a single - b only - c express - d return

2 It’s hot today, but the hotel room is cool because it has air .
a communication - b condensation - c conditioning - d cleaning

3 Do you want to catch the stopping train or the train?
a express - b platform - c carriage - d going

4 We love to watch the beautiful from the train’s windows.
a tickets - b journey - c station - d scenery

5 We took a to cross from one side of the Nile to the other.
a train - b bicycle - c ferry - d car

2- Complete the sentences with the correct form of these words
( get into / get off / get on / get out of )
1 Yesterday, we got on the bus at school and the bus outside our house.
2 Imad’s father a taxi and asked the driver to take him to the station.
3 Four tourists a car and took some photos of the statues in the park.
4 We usually the train ten minutes before it leaves.
5 Welcome to Cairo. Please the plane through the doors at the front.

3- Put the dialogue in the correct order
a Assistant: That will be LE 30.
b Tourist: I’d like a return, please. What time is the next train?
c Tourist: How long does the stopping train take?
d Assistant: Of course. It leaves from platform 1.
e Tourist: Good morning. I’d like a ticket to Luxor, please.
f Assistant: There’s a stopping train in twenty minutes and an express train in two hours’ time.
g Assistant: Would you like a single or a return?
h Assistant: It takes 30 minutes longer than the express train.
i Tourist: I don’t want to wait for two hours, so I’ll take the stopping train. How much is that, please?
j Tourist: Here you are. Could you tell me which platform the train leaves from?

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