Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Prep 3 - Unit 11 - Lesson 2

ملاحظات هامة

* أي خطأ في الكتابة ستعتبر الإجابة خاطئة
* الإجابة المطلوبة هي الإجابة النموذجية، فالإجابات المختصرة تعتبر خاطئة
* استخدام زر المساعدة ينقصك نصف الدرجة
* كثرة المحاولات الخاطئة واستخدام زر التلميح ينقص من درجاتك حسب عدد المحاولات
* يمكنك دائما إعادة الإختبار من البداية بالضغط على مفتاح F5 أعلى لوحة المفاتيح

يمكنك الإستعانة بلوحة الرموز الموجودة في الأسفل عند الحاجة
1) Underline the verbs in these sentences
1 He might have become addicted to smoking.
2 He should have talked to his parents.
3 They might have helped him with his problems.
4 It must have been very difficult for Sameh.
5 He must have regretted starting to smoke.

2) Match to make one or two sentences
1 Nawal must have been very tired.
2 Hamdi can’t find his bag.
3 I thought my answer was correct,
4 You should have asked me

a- before you used my computer!
b- but I might have been wrong.
c- She fell asleep on the bus home.
d- He might have left it at the bus stop.

3) Make sentences about these situations using might / must have or should (not) have
1 Your friend did very badly in the exams.
She should worked harder. She not have done enough revision. It must been a very difficult exam.
2 Your little brother ate a lot of sweets and now feels ill.
He shouldn’t have so many . He not have known that they were bad for him.
3 You usually go to the park with your friend on Saturday, but last week your friend did not come.
He might have busy.
He have told you.

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